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  • febooti fileTweak Download Speed  2)   febooti fileTweak Download Speed 1.0
    Measure your connection speed and compare it with average values of different connection types. Estimate file download times both on your and other types of internet connection. Works with multiple files, shows graphs etc.

  • Ultra Sys Info  4)   Ultra Sys Info 1.0
    Ultra Sys Info is a powerful utility designed especially for detection of hardware. It provides all the information you could ever need to know about your hardware, software and other devices. Including CPUs, modems, BIOS, drives, graphic cards, driv

  • Easy Resume Creator Pro  5)   Easy Resume Creator Pro Deluxe
    Easy Resume Creator Pro helps you create a resume and cover letters that match your current career level, background and career objectives, and deliverthose to multitudes of employers seeking just the qualifications you possess

  • FoolProof Backup!  6)   FoolProof Backup! Deluxe
    FoolProof Backup! is an easy to use Windows based backup solution for the rest of us. Our powerful features Include: The widest range of supported drives on the market

  • Jumpers  7)   Jumpers 2.01
    Like Hi-Q, the playing field is filled with dragon jumpers. Use the mouse to make a jumper jump another jumper. When a jumper is jumped it is removed from the playing field. The object of the game is to jump and remove as many jumpers as you can.

  • Pretty Animated Emoticons  8)   Pretty Animated Emoticons 2.3
    Beautiful software to enable you show the love in emails and message board posts. Lets you insert lovely animated emoticons into any popular email software, online email service, message board or forum.Designed for ease of use and convenience. Enjoy!

  • QueIt  9)   QueIt 2.0
    QueIt is a powerful scheduling utility that allows you to automate routine tasks on your computer with ease. You can even set up QueIt to execute task on other computers within your local network.

  • Simpliciti Locked Browser  10)   Simpliciti Locked Browser 1.06
    This locked browser is ideal for use for PC's where limited or restricted internet usage is provided for users in places such as offices, kiosks, retail, libraries, banks, hospitals and clinics as well as universities and schools.

  • O&K Work Spy  11)   O&K Work Spy
    How to evaluate what you and your employees spend their office hours on? How effectively do they use this time? What do they spend most of it on? The O&K Work Spy program is used to answer these and other questions.

  • PC Diag Windows Ultra Lite  12)   PC Diag Windows Ultra Lite 3.5.3
    PC Diag Windows Ultra Lite is a fully automated, and instructional 32 and 64 bit Windows software used to troubleshoot and diagnose computer hardware problems. The products rigorous testing features will allow the user to identify faulty hardware.

  • ASTRA - Advanced Sysinfo Tool  13)   ASTRA - Advanced Sysinfo Tool 5.34
    This program performs computer configuration analysis and diagnostics. It gives detailed information about your computer hardware and devices operational modes, including undocumented information.

  • CrazyInfo  15)   CrazyInfo 1.3
    Small tool for displaying the CPU clock, CPU usage, RAM usage! If you own an ASUS mainboard, use the CrazyInfo_ASUS.exe. You get additional infos about the CPU temp. and the CPU fan speed. First you must have installed Asus PCProbe.

  • MCS CPU Benchmark 2008  16)   MCS CPU Benchmark 2008
    MCS CPU Benchmark is a fully free application which test processor speed. Owing to it you can make real measurement converted on points. Application has four testing functions: image processing, recalculating of complicated math operations...

  • Info Bag Pro  17)   Info Bag Pro 5.0.0
    Info Bag Pro is a neat and simple application that reads low-level hardware information such as CPU Speeds, Installed RAM, Graphic Card Capabilities, Network Performance, Download Speeds, Connected Printers, Disk Temperatures and many others.

  • SmartSys Monitor  18)   SmartSys Monitor 1
    System utility that is easy to use and compact, that informs about vital system resource, helps you to monitor it. This all information on the desktop about system resource will help you keep up with the real time system information.

  • Check My Specs  19)   Check My Specs 2.1.1
    Check My Specs checks your PC specs and provides a unique Spec ID. Spec ID may be used to post online for sharing.Check My Specs has been tested on Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7 and is a very light app, making is extremely easy and quick to to use.

  • XMark  20)   XMark 8.0
    Dacris Benchmarks is a performance-testing program. It tests the speed of all the components inside your PC. You can also optimize your system for optimal performance and compare your results to other users through an online result database.

  • Heavyload  21)   Heavyload 3.0
    HeavyLoad is a benchmark tool that stresses all resources of a PC (like CPU, RAM, hard disk, operating system, etc.).

  • ALLBenchmark Catzilla  22)   ALLBenchmark Catzilla 1.0
    ALLBenchmark Catzilla - computer performance tests and recommendations. It's a computer test focused to check your computer graphics capabilities. The test can analyze if your computer is suitable for latest games or watching HD movies.


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